Medieval Archers (Everything you Need to Know)

Archery is the practice, sport, and art of bows to shoot arrows. Today, archery is more of a competitive sport and recreational activity, but in medieval times, it was used for combat and hunting. The word ‘archery’ comes from the Latin word ‘arcus’, which literally translates to ‘bow’. To fully understand medieval archery, we will … Read more

Summary of the Protective Eye of Horus Symbol

When we think of Egyptian symbols, usually two icons spring to mind. They are the famous ankh motif and the iconic Eye of Horus (also called Wadjet). This symbol comprises a highly stylized eye and an eyebrow.  Dual lines extend from the bottom of the eye mimicking the facial markings of Horus’s Egyptian falcon symbol. … Read more

Ten Worst Terrorist Acts of the Past Decade

After the 9/11 attacks, acts of terrorism have continued largely unabated worldwide. Here are the worst acts of terror over the past decade. Since the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon nearly 12 years ago, terrorism has been at the forefront of world conflict, but many people haven’t been fully aware … Read more

The Bayeux Tapestry

The Bayeux Tapestry is a magnificent piece of artwork that has attracted the attention of audiences for centuries, and it’s easy to see why. Not only does the Bayeux Tapestry depict an astonishing amount of Norman and Saxon history, its sheer size is magnificent to behold. At more than 70 metres (or 230 feet) long, … Read more

Magna Carta

The Magna Carta, also known as the Great Charter, the Magna Carta Libertatum and The Great Charter of the Liberties of England, is a document that was signed by King John in 1215. He signed the document under duress after facing ongoing rebellion from his barons. In signing the Magna Carta King John forever changed … Read more

Battle of Hastings

On Saturday 14th October 1066 King Harold II of England was defeated by William, Duke of Normandy (also known as William the Conqueror) at what is now known as the Battle of Hastings. The battle was was fought on Senlac Hill, a location that’s approximately seven miles from Hastings, England. By the end of the … Read more

Inventions in the Middle Ages

From the invasion of William the Conqueror in 1066 right through to the beginning of the Tudor dynasty in 1485 a lot of wars took place during the Middle Ages, and with war comes the development of technology, weaponry, medicine and so much more. The Middle Ages account for several centuries of human innovation and … Read more

The Black Death

The Black Death, formerly known as the Bubonic Plague, is by far one of the most horrifying and yet the most fascinating subjects tied to the Middle Ages. Perhaps it is both the ferocity of the disease and the gruesome nature in which patients would die that captivates our morbid fascination with this killer disease. … Read more

The Great Schism

The Great Schism is the name given to the division of the Roman Catholic Church in which rival popes sat in both Rome and Avignon. It is also called the Great Schism in Western Christendom and the Great Western Schism. This is to help identify between this rift in the church and an earlier schism … Read more

Wars of the Roses

The Wars of the Roses is the name given to a series of civil wars that occurred over a space of three decades in England during the Middle Ages. The Wars of the Roses were fought between two opposing houses, the House of Lancaster (also known as Lancastrians) and the House of York (also known … Read more