Children in the Middle Ages

Children in the Middle Ages, if they survived past early childhood, sometimes led lives full of turmoil and anguish.  Most children did not have the privilege of living the lighthearted and blissful lifestyle that many children experience in current times.  Because the time period was full of poor diet and sickness, the lifespan was cut … Read more

Castles in the Middle Ages

Castles have a romantic connotation of princesses and princes, but real medieval castles more closely resemble fortresses than fairy tale illustrations.  That being said, castles from the middle ages exhibit strength and majesty still evident on the landscape today. Castles were the homes of wealthy nobles and their families while a majority of the population … Read more

Architecture in the Middle Ages

The end of Roman Empire not only disturbed the political, social and educational culture of Middle Ages, but also, it influenced the architecture of the Middle Ages in a significant manner. The essential aspect of this change was the increasing influence of Christianity and Church in political and cultural matters. The Church virtually became the … Read more

Middle Ages Art

The Middle Ages have received their named based on the impression of a relative lack of progress and productivity in the length of time between antiquity and the Renaissance.  Despite the early widespread belief that these were”Dark Ages”, the art that remains testifies to a devout and creative people, more innovative than often credited. Unlike … Read more

Middle Ages Torture: Devices & Techniques

The Middle Ages was violent and marked by widespread tumult. These was a undeniably barbarous period in which the local lawmakers were driven by outwardly feelings of pitilessness, which further led to the unashamed middle ages torture of slaves, prisoners and other offenders . Torture chambers were a feature in most of the castles and … Read more