The Embodiment of Evil in The Night Stalker

In the colorful and harsh history of serial killers, there may be none who were more debauched and the embodiment of pure evil than Richard Ramirez who came to be known as the night stalker.  Ramirez carried out his grisly killings with such a bloodlust that he made killers who simply shot their victims look merciful by comparison.  In every way, it is obvious that Ramirez killed for the sheer evil pleasure of inflicting harm on others and on causing human suffering, rape and mutilation of another human being.

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The Mind of a Serial Killer

The sad case is that by now we have had enough incidents of serial killings that a pattern begins to emerge.  When you read about or hear reports about serial killers, it all seems so random.  Their attacks are almost always on strangers, which means that any of us could be potential victims of a serial killer who is on the loose.  To someone who doesn’t sturdy the mind of a serial killer, the locations and choices of victims often seems random as well. 

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The Mind of Son of Sam

son of samIt is hard to say why certain serial killers develop such a tremendous public interest and following in the media.  But when a mass murderer becomes so famous that movies are made about him and the name of that killer becomes a household name, it reflects our national obsession with the criminal mind.  That was certainly the case as more and more came to be known about Charlie Manson.

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Ray and Faye Copeland: The Oldest Serial Killers

Sadly, in 20th century crime, the rise of serial killers has reached new heights.  Like many crimes, serial killers are celebrated in movies like Natural Born Killers and Silence of the Lambs.  It could be these movies encourage the mind of potential serial killers to take action.  When a serial killer is apprehended, there seems … Read more

The Zodiac Killer: The Worst Kind of Serial Killer

There are a variety of methods and situations where people who are unbalanced terrorize society by committing large scale murders that we term serial killers.  From the enraged employee who shoots up his place of work and then kills himself to the methodical maniac who stalks victims carefully, each of these cases create terror in … Read more

The Rein of Terror of Charles Manson

charles mansonCharles Manson wanted to be as famous as the Beatles.  And while his attempts to achieve legendary status through his music failed utterly, in the end, his fame in many ways accomplished that goal.  But instead of being famous for great music as the Beatles are and were, Manson has become a byword for a crazed, cult like figure who directed his followers to perform acts of inhumanity so terrible that they exceeded anything we had seen before in the history of 20th century crime.

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