Causes of the American Civil War

Many know about the American Civil War of 1861 to 1865, but the true origins and causes of the American Civil War allude many. The causes of the American Civil War are actually quite complex and require research and analysis to understand their roots. The origins of the Civil War actually do surprise many when … Read more

The American Civil War

The American Civil War started on April 12th in the year 1861 and last until April 9th in the year 1865, although the last shot of anger actually occurred in June of 1865. You could say the American Civil War was a war of north versus south and a war born out of abolition of … Read more

Civil War Wilderness

Fought between May 5 and 7 1864 the civil war Wilderness campaign was a battle between Lt. Gen. Ulysses. S. Grant ‘s Overland Campaign forces comprising some 101,000 men  against Gen. Robert. E. Lee’s Confederate Army of Northern Virginia. Grant and Lee’s armies suffered heavy losses in both men and equipment, a bloody war of attrition attempting to push forward Grant to the capital of the confederate Richmond Virginia.

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The Historic Naval War for New Orleans

When you think of great navel battles from U.S. history, we mostly think of phenomenal battles of the Revolutionary War or World War II.  But it was a naval battle for control of the mouth of the Mississippi river during the Civil War that changed the course of that war.  The strategies that lead to the fall of New Orleans is one of the storied naval encounters of this era of U.S. history.

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