Weapons used in the war of 1812

The weapons used in the war of 1812 were knives, swords, bayonets, pistols, muskets, rifles, cannons and to a lesser extent, crude bombs. Among these different kinds of weapons, muskets and rifles with bayonets were the most used and in fact, were considered as the weapons that won the battles between these two opposing armies. … Read more

Weapons used in World War II

Spanning the entire globe and involving more countries than any other war, World War II (1939 – 1945) was also the largest armed war in human history. With its roots in the First World War, it was not a surprise to see the fusion of man and machine to the extent that witnessed the Second. … Read more

Weapons used in World War I

The advances of technology had a major impact on the weapons deployed in World War I (1914 – 1918). It saw the earliest development and applications of new forms of weapons in aviation, navy and chemical warfare. World War I also saw the first widespread deployment machine guns, artillery and the introduction of the lumbering … Read more

Infantry weapons of the Vietnam war

The M-16A1 5.56mm assault rifle is one of the most identifiable hand held weapons of Vietnam, used by US troops, it has become a reliable assault rifle and is still used by US forces today. It can be fired in semi and full automatic having an effective range of some 300metres, firing 60 rpm. The CAR15 5.56mm Assault rifle produced by the Colt Company, was used mainly by Special Forces during the Vietnam War, it had a telescopic sight and was limited in its distribution.

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Weapons of War

The evolution of the Tank commenced during WWI, The name tank even as a weapon of war was unusual in its creation, at first so secretive was the new fighting vehicle that these’s  building them  in England were told they were building water carriers to bring water to the front line troops, Not silly these men new they were the strangest water carriers even to be built hence the nickname and eventual name Tank came about. Given  by the men who built these  mysterious new water carriers.

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Smart Weapons of War

America has long been a leader in technology and the development of machines that can take over many of the “smart” functions that people used to do.  In many cases, the development of smarter and better technology comes from the military or the space program.  And there is no question that the bombs and missiles we have used in the last twenty years are notable because they are more than just explosives we drop from a jet.  They are smart missiles and bombs that are tremendously potent.  They know their target and know how to seek it out en route.

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