Virginia Bethel Moon

Virginia Bethel Moon is a well regarded lady due to her activities during the American Civil War where she is most well known for espionage and intelligence for the Confederates. For many, Virginia Bethel Moon is the quintessential American putting all their best efforts for the good of the nation. What many don’t realise is … Read more

William A. Jackson

William A. Jackson was very important to the Union war effort during the American Civil War. Many will not have heard of William A. Jackson, but this was a man that went to great lengths for the United States in ensuring they had the relevant intelligence to help them win the war. While William A. … Read more

Valerie Plame (Spy)

The story of Valerie Plame is an interesting one that could grace the outline of a Hollywood blockbuster film. Valerie Plame was a CIA Operations Officer until just after the year 2000, she enjoyed a great career in the CIA but events outside her control effectively ended her career in the CIA. It was in … Read more

Thomas Jordan

Thomas Jordan is one of a special breed of men; he was a career soldier, a man who plied his trade in war throughout his life. To put into perspective the nature of Thomas Jordan as a career soldier he actually served for a total of just less than 30 years in his lifetime of … Read more

Sir Francis Walsingham

Sir Francis Walsingham was a man of great standing in the court of Queen Elizabeth I of England from 1573 until 1590. Sir Francis Walsingham is seen as someone who pushed the boundaries of conventional intelligence gathering and started the revolution into intelligence methods that are still used today by government intelligence agencies. Walsingham was … Read more

Sarah Emma Edmonds

Sarah Emma Edmonds was a lady heavily involved in the American Civil War. While many would think that as a lady she would be involved in the war effort, Sarah Emma Edmonds actually served in the United States Army. What is even more surprising is the fact that Sarah Emma Edmonds was not even American; … Read more

Ryszard Kukliński

Ryszard Kukliński was an active spy during the Cold War, in fact he was actually a Polish Colonel who gained secret information and passed it to the Americans without knowledge of the Polish authorities. The interesting thing about Ryszard Kukliński is that today Polish opinion is divided on whether he is a hero or traitor … Read more

Robert Hanssen

Robert Hanssen had it all; he was a senior FBI agent who had a long and illustrious career in the FBI organization. Something his family would be proud of but not something that would make many people sit up and take notice. But this was all before Robert Hanssen was found to have been a … Read more

Robert Baer

Many people know Robert Baer as an author, but Baer is more than this as he was also a CIA Case Officer in the Middle East before turning to pen and paper to build a strong writing career. To Baer is seen as a pivotal and knowledgeable writer and commentator on espionage and intelligence within … Read more

Richard Welch

Richard Welch served in the CIA as a station chief and enjoyed a long career in the organization. While he enjoyed a long career, what makes the story about Richard Welch very interesting is that he also made the biggest sacrifice and lost his life to assassination because of working for the CIA. While many … Read more