Paul Revere

Paul Revere is a man that anyone who knows American history will have heard of. Paul Revere chose a course of action at the outbreak of the American Revolutionary War that has gone down in history as a legend. While his actions were not long winded and protracted, his short but decisive decision has been … Read more Paul Revere

Lydia Darragh

If the story of Lydia Darragh (also spelled Darrah or Darrach) is true then she possessed courage most people could only wish for, she was a lady who by all accounts acted to save the American Army from attack by the British. This act was said to have happened during the American Revolutionary War, the … Read more Lydia Darragh

Jonathan Pollard

Jonathan Pollard was an intelligence analyst, something that would not make a person famous, but his actions while working for the Naval Investigative Service (NIS) bought him national and international recognition in the wrong manner. Jonathan Pollard was arrested and convicted in the mid 1980’s after the United States found that Pollard had been spying … Read more Jonathan Pollard