James Jesus Angleton

James Jesus Angleton is someone who served his country well in the intelligence world although many would not know of him. James Jesus Angleton was a career intelligence officer who spent his life working in the Central Intelligence Agency and working hard on counter intelligence. After World War II there was a great need for … Read more

John Andre

John Andre was a British Army Officer who fought and died in the American Revolutionary War. What is interesting about the story of John Andre is that he didn’t die in battle; he was actually hanged as a spy by the Americans when he tried to gain their surrender at West Point, New York. At … Read more

James Armistead

James Armistead is famous throughout the history of America as he was the very first African American double spy and carried out his espionage activity during the period of slavery in America. James Armistead was a slave himself, yet during his slavery became a pivotal and important member of American intelligence during the time of … Read more

Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman is a very special person, a person that overcame everything thrown at her in life to become pivotal in the history of the American Civil War and the abolition movement. In her life Harriet Tubman was a spy, someone who saved many from the clutches of slavery and also a very active member … Read more

Gertrude Bell

Gertrude Bell is someone who made a great difference to British interests in the near east and Middle East. While Gertrude Bell was making waves in British political circles, this is not the work that drove her; Bell simply had a love and desire for travel and adventure which drove her to all corners of … Read more

Gary Berntsen

Gary Berntsen is the all American CIA agent who enjoyed and illustrious career in the Central Intelligence Agency. Gary Berntsen completed a full term of service in the CIA and left as a highly respected and decorated officer. This respect and the interesting career he had led Berntsen to run for the US Senate, although … Read more

Francis Gary Powers

Francis Gary Powers must be one of the most famous American pilots from the post World War Two conflict. This man changed the face of reconnaissance forever during the Cold War because of one incident while flying a plane. Imagine its 1960 and the Cold War is in full flow and then add the fact … Read more

Félix Rodríguez

Félix Rodríguez is one of the most famous CIA officers outside of recent times. It was at the tender age of twenty years of age that his actions shot him to fame as he was part of a group of pivotal Cuban dissidents who opposed the newly formed Fidel Castro regime. As part of this … Read more

Elizabeth Van Lew

Elizabeth Van Lew is an enigma, even today she is known to be a very special lady because of her espionage past. Born in an upper class family it is surprising to find that this intelligent and well organized lady was not only a spy during the American Civil War, but actually ran a massive … Read more

David Owen Dodd

The story of David Owen Dodd is one that many find sad, the reason is that he was simply a young man on a journey and took the wrong turn on his way home during the American Civil War. Unfortunately for David Owen Dodd this wrong turn was going to cost him dearly as he … Read more