David Atlee Phillips

David Atlee Phillips can be seen as a very respectful and important man in the espionage and intelligence world. What sets David Atlee Phillips apart from other intelligence operatives is the length of service he conducted in the intelligence world and the work he completed while doing so. Phillips worked for the CIA; in fact … Read more

Belle Boyd

Belle Boyd is the little known lady who made a big impact on the American Civil War. Rather than being out there for all to see, Belle Boyd was a spy for the Confederates. This unassuming lady was in the inner circle of Confederate General Stonewall Jackson and regularly updated him with important information she … Read more

Andrew Warren

Andrew Warren was a CIA operative for many years, but it is not for this reason that you may have heard of him. In fact while Andrew Warren was a CIA operative previously it is his criminal exploits that many know him for in the present day. In 2009 Andrew Warren was indicted for serious … Read more

Allen Welsh Dulles

Allen Welsh Dulles is a man that helped America develop in so many ways. He was the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, a successful corporate lawyer as well as being a member of the assassination of president JFK commission in to the event. Do you know of Allen Welsh Dulles? No, well it is … Read more

Allan Pinkerton

Allan Pinkerton was a Scottish American who made history in the United States on two fronts. The first being he created the very first detective agency in the United States, but more importantly Allan Pinkerton was also the very first leader of the Union Intelligence Service which is seen as the father of the U.S … Read more

Ali Mohamed

Ali Mohamed is another of the great unknown spies that worked for the CIA after World War Two. The difference between Ali Mohamed and others though, is that he was a double agent working on both sides and in recent times. While double agents were well known to occur during the war years and the … Read more

Aldrich Ames

Aldrich Ames is a man who many will know of in the present day. The reason why Aldrich Ames is so famous is because he was a CIA agent who was spying on America for Russia and the Soviet Union for many years while working for the CIA. In the mid 1990’s a huge media … Read more

Benedict Arnold

Benedict ArnoldBenedict Arnold was a General during the American Revolutionary War who found fame, but for some these reasons are not popular. As you read on you will find out the story behind this complex and interesting man who played an important role during the American Revolutionary War for both sides.

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Virginia Hall – The Greatest American Female Spy

If there were ever the highest form of praise that an enemy can give to a spy, it was the one the German Gestapo gave to Virgina Hall when they called her “the most dangerous  allied spy”.  Hall was a classic World War II spy in many ways including her many aliases of “Germaine”, Camille”, … Read more

The French Underground

We often think of spying in World War II as something that is done alone by one intrepid and very courageous individual.  The movies and spy novels have created a myth of James Bond and other cartoonish spies that are able to do amazing things working alone.  But in almost all cases, the spies who were able to do serious damage to the German and Axis war efforts were working with an underground network of secretive operatives, any of which could be considered just as amazing and courageous as any movie hero you ever met.

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