Ali Mohamed

Ali Mohamed is another of the great unknown spies that worked for the CIA after World War Two.

The difference between Ali Mohamed and others though, is that he was a double agent working on both sides and in recent times. While double agents were well known to occur during the war years and the early years of the Cold War, many would not have realised this would be the case in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Today you are going to find out about Ali Mohamed and his fame as a double agent for the CIA and Egyptian Islamic Jihad.

While we don’t know much of the early years of Ali Mohamed, what we do know is that he was born on the 3rd June in the year 1952. What we do know of Ali Mohamed comes from the year 1980 onwards when he was 28 years of age.

In the early 1980’s Ali Mohamed toured around California going to mosques with Ayman Mohammed Rabie al-Zawahiri, the current leader of Al-Qaeda after the death of Osama bin Laden. During these tours Ali Mohamed acted as a translator for al-Zawahiri in his movement to gain financial funds to support the Muhajadeen fighting the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

While in the United States Ayman Mohammed Rabie al-Zawahiri told Ali Mohamed to infiltrate the United States intelligence agencies.

Once back in Egypt Ali Mohamed served in the Egyptian army’s military intelligence unit, this was until 1984 when they discharged him as it was felt that his views were too extreme. Upon being discharged Ali decided to infiltrate the United States and did this by simply strolling into the Cairo station of the CIA and offering his services.

The Americans were a little unsure of Ali but still took his offer up and stationed him in Hamburg, Germany. One of his first courses of action was to infiltrate a mosque in the region but Ali went to the mosque and told them he was an American spy sent to spy on the community. What Ali didn’t know was that the mosque had already been infiltrated and his actions were reported to the American authorities. The authorities marked him as untrustworthy and cancelled his position.

Ali MohamedWhen Ali was reported for his actions he had already gone to America, and while being there he married an American woman and gained US citizenship. Upon being an American citizen Ali applied and was accepted for the American Army where he was stationed at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School at Fort Bragg as a Drill Seargant teaching Arabic Culture and being assigned to Special Forces. Ali stayed at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Centre until 1989.

In 1988 Ali gained leave to travel to Afghanistan where he joined the fight against the Soviet forces. Upon arriving back at Fort Bragg he soon starting talking about his exploits and killing Soviet soldiers. This made his commanding officer take note and ask for intelligence to investigate Ali, this never happened and his commanding officer started to believe he was either Special Forces or CIA.

While being in the US Army Ali was taking military training material offsite to help create his own al-Qaeda‘s multivolume terrorist training guide, he also carried out secret Islamic Jahidi’s, some of whom were part of terrorist activities on America soil.

After leaving the US Army in 1989 Ali went back to Afghanistan armed with all his American Special Forces training and started training senior Al-Qaeda officials in the art of warfare, assassinations and more.

It is also know that in 1993 Ali travelled to Africa and watched different embassies across African nations, some of which ended up being hit by terrorist activities. It was during this time that Ali also started informing the FBI on Islamic terrorist cell activities.

Essentially throughout his interesting career Ali Mohamed was feeding information to the United States and to Islamic terrorist organisations.

In 1998 Ali was caught trying to flee Egypt and arrested and imprisoned for eight months at which time he pleaded guilty to his actions but no one knows what happened after this. Somehow Ali managed to leave his imprisonment in Egypt and was arrested again in Karachi in Pakistan, this was in 2002.

Since 2002 no one knows what happened and where Ali is, the general belief is that he is in the U.S and has not been sentenced in payment for Ali providing information about Al-Qaeda and their senior hierarchy.

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