The Battle of Khe Sanh

Songs have been Written About the battle of Khe Sanh, a well known battle and one of the longest battles during the second Vietnamese war (American Vietnam war). Lasting from 21 January 1968 until 9 July 1968. During the Second Vietnam War.  The battle of Khe Sanh took place in a region of North western … Read more

The Battle Of Hamburger Hill

The Battle of Hamburger Hill took place in 1969 from May 10th until May 20th. The battle was fought between the United States Army supported by their Ally the South Vietnamese Army against The People’s Army of North Vietnam. The battle took place on a hill known as Hill 937 on United States Army maps … Read more

The Battle of Ia Drang

The Battle of Ia Drang took place from the 14th of November 1965 until the 18th of November 1965. It was the first major battle between the United States Army and the People’s Army of North Vietnam. Ia Drang is a River that is in the central highlands of South Vietnam, South-west of Pleiku. The … Read more

Fall of Saigon

During December of 1974, the People’s Army of North Vietnam also known as (PAVN) commenced numerous attacks towards South Vietnam. Success was achieved against the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN), United states advisors envisaged that South Vietnam could endure at the very least up to 1976. Instructed by General Van Tien Dung, PAVN … Read more

Causes of the Mexican-American War

The Mexican-American War occurred between 1846 and 1848 and was a war that took around 30,000 lives during the course of the conflict. The question is, with this being such a large scale war causing so many deaths why don’t you know about it? This is a great question and the answer generally comes to … Read more

The Mexican-American War

Did you know that Mexico and America went to war? No? Well they did. This is called the Mexican-American War and happened between April 25th 1846 and February 2nd 1848. This war was one in which both sides can be seen as the aggressor, but it was America that would come out of the conflict … Read more

The Spanish-American War

For nearly four months in the year 1898 Spain and America were at war, this war became known as the Spanish-American War. It surprises many that a little over one hundred years ago America and Spain were actually at war, but it is true. The Spanish-American War was actually more to do with Cuba than … Read more

Causes of the Korean War

The Korean War is a war that started in 1950 and by all accounts is still going today. When it first started the war involved countries from across the globe, today however it is deemed to only involve North Korea and South Korea. In total the war has already claimed an estimated 2 million dead … Read more

Korean War Facts

The Korean War is an unusual war in the sense many would not know that it is still going on today. The Korean War started on the 25th June 1950 between the Communist North Korea and the more liberal South Korea. Effectively the war is the result of the World War Two. At the end … Read more