Vietnam War Summary

In a Summary of Vietnam war between communist North Vietnam and capitalist South Vietnam which commenced in 1964 and concluded in 1975. It was fought in southern Vietnam and bordering areas of Cambodia, Laos and in the bombing of North Vietnam. The capitalist South Vietnam forces were assisted by troops from the United States, Australia, … Read more

Why Did the US Enter the Vietnam War

The reason behind the us entering the Vietnam War was a general attempt to prevent Communism. Communism although good in theory particular for the masses, doesn’t always work. Sadly it doesn’t work as it is human nature for people to be greedy, the leaders are generally better off and ordinary people don’t normally work harder … Read more

The Spartan 300

In the history of ground war strategies and the power of incredible skill, strength and courage against an overwhelming force, the legend of the 300 Spartans who held the vast Persian army in check in the pass called Thermopylae is such an amazing story that to this day we repeat it with awe.  Even in … Read more

Smart Weapons of War

America has long been a leader in technology and the development of machines that can take over many of the “smart” functions that people used to do.  In many cases, the development of smarter and better technology comes from the military or the space program.  And there is no question that the bombs and missiles we have used in the last twenty years are notable because they are more than just explosives we drop from a jet.  They are smart missiles and bombs that are tremendously potent.  They know their target and know how to seek it out en route.

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