Jose Rodriguez (CIA)

Jose Rodriguez is a man who started off in humble beginnings and through hard work, determination and an intelligent mind managed to forge a brilliant career in the CIA that took him all the way to the position of Director of the National Clandestine Service (D/NCS).

Jose Rodriguez is also a man who can claim one of the longer careers in the CIA having worked for the service for a huge thirty one years before retiring in 2007 aged 59 years. The story of Jose Rodriguez is an intriguing story of a man who was dedicated to the protection of the United States.

Early Years of Jose Rodriguez

Rodriguez was born Jose A. Rodriguez Junior in Puerto Rico. Interestingly when Rodriguez was born he had no affiliation with the United States as his parents were Puerto Rican.

The first time Rodriguez came to have any affiliation with the United States was in his late teen years when he went to Florida and joined the University of Florida. While at the University of Florida, Rodriguez earned a Law Degree and a Bachelors Degree. This education proved the intelligence that supported his CIA career.

At the age of 28 Rodriguez in 1976 after finishing his studies, Rodriguez joined the CIA.

Jose Rodriguez in the CIA

Upon joining the CIA Rodriguez worked in the Latin America division for the Directorate of Operations where he travelled around pretty much every country in South America with his work. After building a reputation as a clever and reliable officer he was then promoted to Chief of Station in Mexico.

By the mid 1990’s Rodriguez then moved to the Argentinean U.S. Embassy for two years until 1996, he was then stationed as Chief of Station for Mexico City in Mexico. After 20 years in the field of South America Rodriguez finally became the Directorate of Latin America division Director.

With 9/11 occurring there was a massive shake up in the CIA and Rodriguez became Chief of Staff of the Counter Terrorism Centre (CTC) and within a year he became Director of the CTC. This job made Rodriguez one of the most important men in the CIA in the fight against terrorism and Al-Qaeda.

Rodriguez was then pivotal in advising the Greek governing body on the security of the 2004 Athens Olympics.

By November 2004 Rodriguez became very powerful in the CIA as he was the Deputy Director for Operations then Director of the National Clandestine Service and finally chief of all human intelligence gathering (HUMINT). It was during this period that Rodriguez approved the destruction of many interrogation tapes from Guantanamo Bay that reportedly showed torture techniques being used.

In the year 2007 at the age of 59 years, Rodriguez decided to retire from his position in the CIA after a colossal 31 years of service. The date that Rodriguez left the CIA was the 30th September 2007; a date that will go down in infamy of when one of the longest serving and most respected CIA Directors left their position.

After leaving the CIA Rodriguez went to Virginia where he became a senior figure in the privately run firm called National Interest Security Company.

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  1. How can someone born to Puerto Rican parents have “no affiliation with the United States” when PR is a US territory. We in the USVI and Puerto Rican are full US citizens, governed by the laws of the US and, other than the fact that we cannot vote in federal elections.

  2. Exactly!! Puerto Ricans have the privilege of being born American citizens whether they’re born on the island or in the states; and many, much like Jose Rodrigez Jr, have served the country which they hold citzenship with proudly.


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