Ancient Egyptian Warfare

Ancient Egypt was one of the very first civilisations and also one of the first to adopt a hierarchal society. What is interesting about Ancient Egypt is the fact that the time line ran between 3150 BC an 31 BC but the Ancient Egyptian wars did not occur until half way through their existence. Ancient … Read more

War Chariots – Ancient Warfare

In the ancient times the chosen vehicle of warfare to ingrain fear into the opposition was the chariot. You could say the chariot of ancient times is the equivalent of the tanks used today. It was a fast and fearsome weapon that allowed the ancients to move quickly in battle and attack their foe before … Read more

Battle of The Red Cliff

Nearly two thousand years ago a huge battle occurred in the province of Hubei, Central China. This battle was a huge affair that you could say helped change the face of northern China for ever. While there is a lot of information about the Battle of Red Cliffs, there is still much we don’t know, … Read more

Overview of Ancient Greek War

Wars were common in ancient Greece. However, the ancient Greek wars known much about today thanks to the writing of Homer and Herodotus and Thucydides and Arrian are the Trojan War (sometime in 1250 BC but it may be a made-up story), the Persian Wars (490-480 BC), the Peloponnesian War (441-404 BC) and the campaigns of Alexander the Great (331-323 BC).

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Overview of Ancient Chinese War

To have decent insights into ancient Chinese wars, one should definitely have a close look at the Warring States Period in Chinese history, commonly referring to the era from 475 BC – 221 BC. This period was marked with endless brutal wars among warlords in an effort to annex smaller states around them and consolidate their rule.

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The Spartan 300

In the history of ground war strategies and the power of incredible skill, strength and courage against an overwhelming force, the legend of the 300 Spartans who held the vast Persian army in check in the pass called Thermopylae is such an amazing story that to this day we repeat it with awe.  Even in … Read more