Princesses in the Middle Ages

The life of medieval princesses is somewhat romanticized in contemporary thought giving the impression of fairy tales and castles.  However, the women of the Middle Ages who became princesses and queens had complex lives filled with politics, public opinion, and societal pressures. The Middle Ages were a time very much dominated by men, but a … Read more

Society in the Middle Ages

The Middle Ages is known to be the historical period of Europe between the 5th and 15th Century. The salient political feature of the initiation of this historical period was the collapse of Western Roman Empire while the medieval period ended with the advent of renaissance which is known to be the beginning of the … Read more

Sports in the Middle Ages

After the fall of Western Roman Empire, people in Europe faced harsh tumultuous political wars and religious struggles. During the early middle ages, Europeans faced the rising of feudal system and situations for common people were very difficult. However, situations kept improving as the system was more and more stabilized. The members of nobility were … Read more

Technology in the Middle Ages

Many historians mention the medieval period of Europe as ‘Dark ages,’ a period when reason and logic was sidelined with belief and religion. However, the late medieval period offered a great advancement in technology. While many of these technological advancements weren’t inventions of medieval Europeans, they successfully refined these technologies and benefited immensely by using … Read more

Timeline of the Middle Ages

The Middle Ages is referred to the period of European history which marks the fall of Western Roman Empire in the 5th Century and the beginning of the Renaissance or the Age of Discovery in the 15th Century. The Middle Ages saw a lot of ups and downs in the politics of the continent as … Read more

War in the Middle Ages

Major Wars of the Middle Ages and tactics used The Middle Ages are marked as the period between the collapse of the Roman Empire and the rise of the Renaissance period. Although there is a lack of unanimity with regard to the exact timeframe of the middle Ages, it is generally agreed that the period … Read more

Monasteries in the Middle Ages

Benedictine laws created in 529 AD by St. Benedictine governed monasteries in the middle ages. The middle ages also saw the establishment of various monk orders with the main ones being Carthusians, Benedictines and Cistercians. The orders differed based on how they observed their religious rituals and the strictness with which they implemented their laws … Read more

Money in the Middle Ages

People of ancient times used to exchange products for trades and this system was known as the barter system. There are evidences of barter system since 9000 BC. However, as the trade and business began to increase, ancient people started using Cowrie and Cowry Shells as a means of exchange. Yet, barter system still was … Read more

Musical Instruments in the Middle Ages

Music has been a large component of human social interactions, personal expression, and culture throughout recorded history. While many consider the Middle Ages a time of hard work, famine, disease such as the Black Plague, and warfare, music was as alive and important during this period of history as any other. In some cases, music … Read more

Names from the Middle Ages

Medieval names are often derived from biblical texts and saint names as a reflection of the importance of religion in the Middle Ages.  Vernacular languages were spoken throughout Europe, and names with similar roots often take different spellings in different regions. Medieval townspeople Female Middle Ages Names Male Middle Ages Names Middle Ages Surnames Medieval … Read more