A 1920s Theme Party Takes Off With Great Period Outfits

It is not difficult to come up with images that will translate into a great 1920s retro party theme.  From TV shows and movies to works of literature about that time in history, we have rich imagery about what we think life in the 1920s must have been like.  And because 1920s fashion was so outrageous and dramatic, it is easy to find outfits that will work very well in a theme party where everyone can have a great time.

If you are invited to a 1920s theme party, the 1920s fashions for women are tremendously fun and over the top.  Flapper costumes are always a hit.  If you can remodel your hairstyle to a 1920s chin length bob hair cut, that would be perfect.  Even though we are in a time when smoking is not common, cigarette holders are a must for a great 1920s outfit.  They are fun to carry and you can affect that aloof and yet fun loving attitude all evening long. 

For the ladies, knee length dresses are a good style that fits the period.  While that is conservative by modern standards, it was quite bold in 1920s fashions so enjoy feeling like a newly liberated woman.  For the guys, flannel pants or knickers with lots of baggy room in them are the right idea.  Add in a tweed jacket and a nice pipe and you have a good 1920s fashion statement for any guy to enjoy at a period costume party. 

Planning a 1920s style theme party can be as much fun as the party itself.  Jazz was all the rage.  If you can find some period jazz or at least traditional jazz music such as Dixieland jazz, that will set the mood nicely.  A little time using Google to get the feel for what a 1920s speakeasy nightclub looked like will give you lots of great ideas. 

For a 1920s theme party on a budget, just using the right music and setting up a mini speakeasy in your home can do the trick.  If you start early and get your guests excited about dressing in 1920s styles, the guests themselves become the decorations.  All you need is one guy to come in a Zoot suit and you have yourself a party.  But if you are going all out, why not rent a hall in some historic spot like a train station of an art deco hotel and then hire a DJ who knows how to dress, talk and program his sets with just the right music that will transport your guests back to the 1920s as though they were in a time machine.

Its those little touches that will turn your party into a 1920s blowout party that will rival any they had back then.  Think through your guest list so most if not all of those who will be there will be the type of people who will dress up and join in and enjoy the spirit of a retro party.  If you have a few guest who would not mind taking on the roles of mobsters with their mobster ladies, that is another wonderful touch that can be nothing but fun.  Throw in a few realistic looking toy machine guns and you will see lots of good-natured role-playing going on at your party.  If you can find an old type bathtub to serve the punch out of, all the better to add to the fun.

Above all, have fun, give in to every stereotype you can think of and encourage your guests to do the same.  A costume contest and a dance competition for those who can do the jitterbug the best make great games to play during your big 1920s theme party.  With the right planning, don’t be surprised if that 1920s party theme you threw becomes an annual event.

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