The Persian Wars – Overview

The Persian Wars started in 499BC and lasted till 449BC which were a series of conflicts between the Achaemenid Empire of Persia and the city states of the Hellenic world. The Persians appointed tyrants to rule the independent minded cities of Ionia and this would prove to be the source of trouble for both of … Read more

The Trojan War – Summary

The Trojan war is one of the most important events in Greek mythology. The war was carried out against the city of Troy by the Greeks after Paris of Troy took Helen from her husband the King of Sparta also known as Menelaus. The war commenced after a dispute between the goddesses Athena, Hera, and … Read more

The Battle of Kadesh

The Battle of Kadesh in 1274 BC was one of the largest chariot battles fought which involved between 5,000 to 6,000 chariots.This battle was between the Egyptian Empire under Ramesses ll and the Hittite Empire which was under Muwatalli. After the banishment of the Hykos 15th Dynasty the Egyptian New Kingdom rulers were more belligerent … Read more