The Second Punic War

The Second Punic War started in 218 BC and continued until 202 BC. This war was the second instalment of the Punic War’s between the Romans and the Carthage Empire and is most well known for the command of the Carthage forces by Hannibal. In fact the war is so well known for Hannibal that … Read more

Visigoths Sack of Rome

The Sack of Rome happened in 410 and should not be confused by two later episodes of war using the same name. On the 24th august in the year 410, as the Roman Empire waned in strength the Visigoths attacked Rome. This move can be seen as one of the last of a long line … Read more

Ryszard Kukliński

Ryszard Kukliński was an active spy during the Cold War, in fact he was actually a Polish Colonel who gained secret information and passed it to the Americans without knowledge of the Polish authorities. The interesting thing about Ryszard Kukliński is that today Polish opinion is divided on whether he is a hero or traitor … Read more

Robert Hanssen

Robert Hanssen had it all; he was a senior FBI agent who had a long and illustrious career in the FBI organization. Something his family would be proud of but not something that would make many people sit up and take notice. But this was all before Robert Hanssen was found to have been a … Read more

Summary of the Punic Wars

Over the space of just under 120 years there were three great wars between two powers jostling to control the seas and the lands of the Italian peninsula, Sicily, Northern Africa and the southern lands of Spain. The two powers in question were the Romans and the Carthaginians, two forces that really wanted to gain … Read more

Robert Baer

Many people know Robert Baer as an author, but Baer is more than this as he was also a CIA Case Officer in the Middle East before turning to pen and paper to build a strong writing career. To Baer is seen as a pivotal and knowledgeable writer and commentator on espionage and intelligence within … Read more

Richard Welch

Richard Welch served in the CIA as a station chief and enjoyed a long career in the organization. While he enjoyed a long career, what makes the story about Richard Welch very interesting is that he also made the biggest sacrifice and lost his life to assassination because of working for the CIA. While many … Read more

Rafael Quintero

Rafael Quintero was a CIA operative in the 1960’s who had a very busy few years making an impact on the Cuban situation happening around the same time prior to the Bay of Pigs invasion. While many CIA operatives have gained notoriety for their exploits, Rafael Quintero seems to be one of those select few … Read more

Peloponnesian War

The Peloponnesian War was an internal conflict that saw the more powerful of the Greek states rise up against one another to become a full blown conflict. The outcome of the Peloponnesian War had far reaching consequences for all concerned, some of which were positive for the victors and others which reduced the losers to … Read more