Making a Statement with Art Deco Antique Furniture

The reason why using antique furniture as part of your interior decorating scheme is so exciting is that whatever style you use, you are making a statement.  The one thing a home or office decorated with antiques is not is boring.  Antiques take your family and guests to another time and another place when they are spending time in the room you decorated with antique furniture.

It is essential when planning to use antiques that you integrate your furniture with the over arching themes of your interior design.  There are a wide variety of eras and styles that can be created using antiques including contemporary, urban, traditional, country, eclectic, rustic, art deco, Amish and colonial to name a few.  Some styles will work better in certain rooms.

You may wish to go with a more adventuresome and creative style in a room devoted to entertainment and a more elegant or soothing style in the bedroom or dining room.  The services of a skilled interior decorator can help you make the tough decisions about whether to go with one antique furniture style throughout the home and how to mix styles successfully without creating a confusing decorating scheme.

A good example of a decorating style that creates an exciting and stimulating mood is Art Deco.  Art Deco antique furniture is quite unique from the more traditional styles because the Art Deco period of design was so creative and diverse.  You will find that Art Deco furniture is quite geometric but the lines will be streamlined.  The antique furniture will utilize striking colors, rounded corners and bold vertical lines. 

Like other eras of antique furniture design, Art Deco pieces are often made of expensive and exotic types of wood.  But the pieces you see in Art Deco antique furniture displays will mix in Formica and even bakelite.  The designers of Art Deco furniture delighted in juxtaposing exotic and expensive materials with the mundane.  So you might find a piece of Art Deco antique furniture that mixes bakelite with expensive jade or marble for a striking effect.

Art Deco furniture is very stylized, which means that decorating with this style of furniture will create a lively and stimulating effect.  It is an outstanding type of furniture to include in an interior decorating scheme that is modern or that focuses on art pieces intermixed with the antique furniture that adorns the kitchen, bathrooms or even the entertainment areas of the home.

Art Deco is not a furniture design style that is as dominant as some of the more traditional styles.  That means that the shopping adventure to find the perfect pieces for your home or office will take some dedication and time.  And it means that when you do find a dealer who has some Art Deco pieces to show, the selection might be smaller.  So be flexible in how you integrate Art Deco antique furniture into your interior decorating scheme.   If you can keep an open mind and let the furniture “suggest” new ideas in decorating, the project of redecorating a room or your entire home in Art Deco can be exciting, creative and fun.

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