Our Quiet Guardians – The Strategic Air Command

Most Americans don’t think a lot about how the military goes about protecting us on a day-by-day basis.  The agency that diligently guards this nation and is charged with how our military will respond to crisis anywhere in the world is the Strategic Air Command.  And the fact that we take them for granted suits them just fine  They are the quiet guardians of this nation and that is just how they like to be, quiet and efficient.

The Strategic Air Command, or “SAC” as it is called within the Air Force, has actually been around since 1944.  But since its inception, the purpose of SAC has been to be a completely capable and potent force to defend the integrity of the United States from any attack and to be at the disposal of the President and top military commanders to be able to strike with sudden and compelling force to be able to resolve any emergency that could pose a threat to the security of our country.

After providing support of all aerial combat that went on during World War II, the Strategic Air Command has continuously been updated and kept in a state of readiment to handle any military or security need of our country for over 60 years.  SAC had a pivotal role to play in the development and deployment of nuclear weapons that were responsible for our victory in that world conflict.  While the bombing of Japan was tragic and a terrible event, it was deemed necessary by the President and commanders to end the war and save American lives.  As always, SAC was ready to step up and do whatever it took to protect this country.

But it was when the nuclear age came upon us and we settled into that thing called the “cold war” that the Strategic Air Command’s role of constant guardian became so crucial.  While the country went peacefully about its business, the Soviet Union and America stared each down while pointing enough nuclear weapons on each side to destroy the earth ten times over.  SAC was our eyes and performed the constant vigil to stare down the enemy to assure that at no time would the enemy be able to win this “cold war”.  The fact that our Strategic Air Command was so efficient at constantly guarding our nuclear capabilities so we were ready at any time to respond to aggression is one reason that we won the cold war without ever firing a shot.

Today that massive nuclear inventory still exists in our country.  It is here to protect us should hostilities ever get that severe.  None of us even knows where those nuclear silos are hidden around the country.  But SAC knows and they are responsible to guard those weapons, keep them constantly on the ready if needed and to keep them always safe so no mishap could lead to a terrible accident that could lead to world catastrophe.  

The Strategic Air Command has guarded us and our nuclear arsenal without fail for decades.  Based out of Omaha Nebraska, there is never a moment day or night that SAC fighters are not in the air over our country guarding us.  We can be grateful for this powerful and efficient arm of the United States Air Force that is such an important part of our aerial warfare program that they produce the one thing our military is made to give to us.  They keep us at peace.

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