Queens in the Middle Ages

Queens in the Middle Ages had a very specific role in the monarchy as well as in society in general. They were sometimes rulers in their own right, but often one of their most important duties was to act as a regent when their king was unable to rule, whether the king was sick or … Read more

Religion in the Middle Ages

Religion in the Middle Ages was dominated by Christianity. It is the era in which the great cathedrals of Europe were built and the Catholic Church started its universities in Paris, Tubingen, Cambridge and Oxford. During the Middle Ages, the Catholic Church was the only church in Europe. The laws of the land and leading … Read more

School in the Middle Ages

Formal education has its roots very early in the Middle Ages, in the 800s under Charlemagne of France. Charlemagne was a shrewd leader, and understood that in order to maintain political and economic power in the ever-expanding world, he would need a resourceful and educated populace to continue to make technological and philosophical advances. Formal … Read more

Science in the Middle Ages

Science in the Middle Ages was quite the tricky subject. Many scientific beliefs go against what the Catholic Church believes and teaches, and this led to a great bit of debate during the Middle Ages. The church would charge people with heresy should they ever try to use science to disprove the teachings of the … Read more

Work in the Middle Ages

True to our understanding of the Middle Ages it is a time recognized by castles, princes, princesses, knights and peasants all co-inhabiting a kingdom. Each of these individuals were characterized by their trades and for each person there was a part to be played in the community. Work types To understand the types of work … Read more

Music in the Middle Ages

All cultures and epochs throughout history have music as a part of their culture for entertainment, devotional, or other purposes.  The timing of Middle Ages music is generally agreed upon my music historians to encompass the time between approximately 550-1400 CE.  Medieval music can be further subdivided into early medieval music from before 1150, high … Read more

Monks in the Middle Ages

Life in the Middle Ages was easy for few. The times were marked by famine, disease, and near-constant warfare and violence. While nobles and monarchs could shield themselves somewhat from many of the less pleasant realities of life by virtue of their wealth, power, and status, even the most powerful monarch was in constant danger … Read more

Military in the Middle Ages

Representations of medieval times in modern literature and television are often centered around the violence and near-perpetual warfare of the age. While it is widely understood that the Middle Ages were a time of war and strife, cinematic portrayals often gloss over or dramatize the events in order to make them more accessible to a … Read more

Houses in the Middle Ages

One thing that is forever changing is the architecture of our homes. The Middle Ages houses are one of the most interesting style homes that were ever created throughout history. Try watching a movie that takes place during the Middle Ages. None of the homes look very attractive or particularly comforting. They all seem to … Read more

Peasant Life In The Middle Ages

Peasant life in the Middle Ages was noticeably difficult. Families and entire villages were exposed to disease, war and generally a life of poverty. In the eleventh and twelfth centuries, most people across Europe were peasants or “velleins” who worked in the vast stretches of lands owned by the local lords. There is very little … Read more