You CAN Carry Off a Vintage Outfit using 1920s Fashions

Its fun to put together a vintage 1920s fashion outfit for a party or just to add some style to the clothes you enjoy wearing on a night on the town.  If you get familiar with the 1920s fashions, its easy to notice that many of the trends of that decade have become fashionable again and again in the decades to follow.  You don’t have to go with a fully accessorized flapper outfit to integrate a vintage look from the 1920s into your wardrobe.  But the homage you are giving to the 1920s by using some fashion ideas from that decade add a sense of modern fashion awareness with a nice feeling of nostalgia as well.

To use 1920s fashion concepts well as part of your “look”, get to know the different ways that men and women of that decade expressed themselves through fashion.  Fashion in the 1920s was as much about attitude and making a statement as it was about just looking good and being part of the “in crowd”. 

Learning how fashionable people used clothing and accessories in the 1920s should go beyond just watching some period movies.  You don’t want your final vintage outfit to look like a movie costume.  But look at photographs from that era and at museum holdings of the types of fashion outfits that people actually put together in the 1920s.  If you do that, you will assemble an outfit that looks great and has a feel of authenticity to it as well.

Unless you are assembling the pieces for a total 1920s fashion outfit, its best to integrate the 1920s vintage items with your other wardrobe items that are more up to date.  So if you wear a pretty vintage blouse but add it to a modern style skirt or jacket, that is a perfect way to add that touch of 1920s style to your ability to “pull off” modern fashions as well.  Simply use the 1920s era item as the focal point of your outfit and let your modern wardrobe compliment it and the look you arrive at will be unique and sure to get some compliments when you are out on the town.

You have a style and look that is your own already.  You know what looks good on you and what makes heads turn from your contemporary wardrobe.  Use that same fashion sense that is totally indivialized to the statement of who you are when adding 1920s vintage fashion items to your wardrobe.  If you are considering a vintage piece from the 1920s era to add to your wardrobe, make sure it “fits” with who you are and how you like to wear clothes.  Don’t buy a 1920s fashion item just for the “costume” aspect of it.  If you do that, you will feel foolish in it when you try to add it to your other dress clothes.  So keep your own approach to fashion in mind and let the 1920s fashions fit in with who you are.

Don’t be afraid to buy a piece that has that 1920s look and then alter it to fit with your wardrobe.  Obviously, you are not going to use genuine 1920s fashion items that date back to that decade in your wardrobe.  The replicas may do a wonderful job of capturing the styles of the 1920s.  But that doesn’t mean you cannot adapt them to fit how you like to wear clothing as well.  Remember that you are not adding a 1920s item to your ensembles to become a walking history lesson.  You want to capture the fashion sense of the time without giving up your modern fashion sense along the way.

Once you have a perfect blend of the old and the new in your wardrobe, now you can step out in style and “flaunt” your fashion sense that is supplemented with delightful 1920s vintage fashions.  Be confident, bold and your own person in wearing 1920s fashions and you will fit in with the men and women of that time who were nothing if they were not outrageous, confident and fun loving.  So let your outfit speak loudly that you are in step with modern and vintage fashions.  Then go out and enjoy the complements you will get.

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