The Opening Battle of the Revolution

“The British are coming!  The British are coming!” That cry that was immortalized as “The midnight ride of Paul Revere” comes form actual events from the battle of Lexington and Concord which might be viewed at the first open conflict between British and colonial forces that were leading up to a full scale revolutionary war. … Read more

The Air and Ground War that Saved Kuwait

Air superiority has always been a central part of why the American military prevails in many conflicts.  From World War II to Vietnam to our current conflicts, the heart of our strategies for establishing dominance in a conflict is to quickly establish and maintain control of the skies.  America is also well known for possessing a massive arsenal and military that nobody would want to get into a conflict with.

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The Historic Naval War for New Orleans

When you think of great navel battles from U.S. history, we mostly think of phenomenal battles of the Revolutionary War or World War II.  But it was a naval battle for control of the mouth of the Mississippi river during the Civil War that changed the course of that war.  The strategies that lead to the fall of New Orleans is one of the storied naval encounters of this era of U.S. history.

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USS Constitution – The First U.S. Naval Victory

During those formative decades of U.S. history, each time the infant nation was able to show itself capable, that only continued to reinforce that we had not only declared ourselves an independent nation, we were prepared to act like one.  Part of acting like a nation meant building and deploying an army and navy to secure the nation against attack.  And in those days when attack was a very real possibility from the British navy, the importance of a strong navy was significant.

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