Antique walnut furniture is both functional and beautiful

When shopping for wood furniture, the process can be overwhelming.  There are so many questions.  Just as you answer one question, you can think of 10 others.  There are options from “hip and modern” all the way across to traditional and ornate, the options seem endless.

In addition to styles, there are material options to consider, which would include whether to go with man made materials such as veneered furniture or natural woods such as walnut.  With all these choices, and all these things to know before you go from store to store searching for the perfect piece, it’s key to know how to spot quality antique furniture.

Lets simply this process.  Most people want to get the most quality they can in their budget.  With a few exceptions, getting antique walnut furniture is the best choice for any budget.  It lasts the longest of any material you will ever find.

While we are on the subject, you can get your furniture new, used or antique.  New furniture comes straight from the factory.  Used usually means that they furniture might be beat up and you will find yourself shopping at a garage sale or flea market setting.  Antique is furniture that has and will last generations.  Though there is an appeal to getting brand new furniture to fill your needs, there some real advantages in getting an antique walnut furniture piece.

The first big advantage in antique walnut furniture is it’s proven durability.  If antique furniture was going to fall apart under regular use then that would have already happened.  The second advantage is what is called weathering, meaning that the furniture has had a chance to go through several seasonal changes. That means that the antique walnut furniture you buy has expanded and contracted and survived with no splits or cracks formed because of inferior wood.  Finally the older the piece the less likely there will be any man made wood in it.  You get pure walnut when you buy antique walnut furniture.

Now we have narrowed down the choices to solid antique walnut furniture.  Hardwoods each have their own advantages.  Some are more durable and some with a higher amount of natural beauty.  The most durable hardwood is maple, but it doesn’t look very good. As far as beauty the most popular is either cherry or oak. These are still fairly durable.

The best choice of all of the hardwoods is antique walnut furniture.  Walnut is quite durable for many applications from tables to cabinets. In addition, it can be finishes beautifully to make it one of the prettiest kinds of wood.  The prettiest kind of inlay you can find is called a walnut burl. This is the part of the tree where the branch meets the trunk, which is then taken and sliced thin to show the grain. It looks like a sort of swirl in the wood, which then is inlayed into the top of a fine dining table giving it a high quality look using all natural materials. Now that you have the information you need to know about high quality furniture all you need is to go out there and find that antique walnut furniture that fits your style.

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