Decorating Using Indian Antique Furniture Means Decorating for Color and Style

To truly make a house a home, it needs several things. It needs solid construction and it needs to feel comfortable. Indian antique furniture is a great way to add a lot of charm in very little time. With centuries of rich cultural background India has long been known for its spices, its architecture and its furniture.  The Indian decorating style favors dark woods, rich colors and bejeweled tapestries.

Indian fabrics have long been famous for the richness of their colors and the intricateness of their designs.  This means that when picking out your Indian antique furniture, you need to be mindful of the space you plan to put it in. The space surrounding it should compliment the colors and the size of the pieces you find. Be careful not to stuff a fine Indian sofa into a space too small to show off it’s dazzling array of designs and colors. Likewise be careful of what colors you put on the walls surrounding your Indian antique furniture. If you should choose a color that clashes with the fabric, it makes the furniture look cheap or even ugly.

The best place to start is at the floor and work upwards. This means picking out your rugs first, then going on to select your fabric pieces, followed by the wood pieces. The last thing to do is to match paint, after the room is completely planned. Remember that it is easier to find a paint to match the furniture than the other way around.

Indian antique furniture works well with several other decorating styles. These include modern and urban styles and well as an Asian theme. When trying to match a piece or several pieces to the style of your home, it helps if you plan out a whole room using Indian antique furniture. This use of a theme makes it that much easier to plan the room.

Alternatively you can use some modern pieces surrounding a fine piece of antique furniture from India. The key when employing this strategy is to remember that no matter what you do, the Indian piece will try to dominate the room. Instead of fighting this, you should encourage it by using very simple complimentary pieces. This will highlight the cultural significance of the piece instead of forcing it to fight for dominance.

India’s wood products are fantastic for many purposes. The simple lines combined with the deep stains means that Indian antique wood furniture makes a bold statement.  Like other Asian cultures, India has a long tradition of using many woods to achieve one goal: sturdy beautiful furniture.

This means that when you find an Indian antique wood table that is over 200 years old, it is designed to outlive you. Unlike modern mass produced furniture, antique Indian furniture was made by hand. This means the furniture makers could not afford to waste wood or time with bad craftsmanship.  Very few places in the world have continued making wood furniture in the traditional way the way that Indians have into the last century.

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