Estimating Real Value when Judging Antique Furniture Prices

Evaluating antique furniture prices is not the same as finding out how much you will pay for a new TV or for a quart of milk.  The antique markets are diverse, complicated and always changing.  If there is a sudden glut of a certain type of antique furniture, that can drive prices down and a shortage can have the opposite effect.  So antique furniture prices resemble the art market as much as they do the conventional furniture markets.

You really cannot get a good idea what antique furniture prices are by simply setting out to buy a 100-year-old chair.  There are dozens of factors that effect price including styles, national origin of the piece and the markets where you shop.  The first step, as is true of any big purchase, is to know what you want.  This is affected by the kinds of antique furniture pieces you need and in what quantity.  The time frame of your need is also a big factor.  If you can afford to wait until just the right piece comes on the antique market, you can do better than if you must have your furniture quickly which means you will pay whatever you have to for the antique furniture you need.

In addition to knowing what pieces you want, the age and background of the pieces you wish to add to your collection will impact price tremendously.  There will be a huge price difference between the antique furniture prices of items that are 40 years old from your own country and Dutch antique furniture from the 18th century.  So understanding the furniture antique markets and what is available along with what you really do want will impact the antique furniture price you pay.

There are other factors than can have a big impact on the antique furniture prices you pay.  Are you willing to accept items that are not in perfect condition?  How do you feel about buying a replica if it is good enough that only an antique furniture expert would know the difference?  Are you only willing to buy from antique retail outlets or are you willing to shop in unconventional places to get good deals on your furniture?  If you are willing to go to estate sales or shop online, are you trained in how to spot authentic antique furniture so you know you are getting what you pay for?

All of these questions are pertinent when you get ready to estimate antique furniture prices for that next big purchase for your home.  A good place to start is at the top of the line antique malls, retail antique stores and other antique outlets that offer the best antiques at the top prices in town.  It is always smart to get a top-level price as a point of reference.  These outlets will also have a large variety of antiques on display so you can refine what you want and get a better feel both for your needs and what you will pay if you are willing to go top dollar.

Once you have done your legwork so you have a good education in how to evaluate antique pieces and what top antique furniture prices are like, you can then do your shopping with greater confidence.  Then you can look at discount options such as buying antique furniture first hand from previous owners or shopping on the internet.  But always have your homework done before venturing into those markets. 

Then when you do find a quality supply of the pieces you want and you know that the antique furniture prices you will pay are a good deal, you can buy with confidence.  If you invest yourself in knowing what you want and knowing what you are doing in the antique furniture markets, not only will you get the best antique furniture prices, you will get the pieces you love that will make the difference in the beauty of your home for many years to come.

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