The Beautiful Use of Teak in Dutch Antique Furniture

When you start to look at antique furniture from various times in history, the influences between cultures starts to emerge.  You can see the influence of Dutch antique furniture in the designs of furniture from England, France, Spain and other countries who were all developing very unique furniture styles of their own.

One thing that often shapes how a country views important cultural styles is available material.  And while teak is not a wood commonly associated with Dutch antique furniture in terms of it being a natural wood from the area, the Dutch have done a lot to make that particular wood a big part of what makes Dutch antique furniture stand out.

Teak is actually a wood that is common to Asia.  But that has not kept teak from becoming an important wood for all manner of functions around the world.  Teak has the perfect combination of being tremendously durable and able to stand up to lots of harsh use but it is also easy to use for furniture or other applications where beauty and style are just as important as functionality.  Teak can be just as tough serving as part of seagoing vessels as it does becoming fine pieces of Dutch antique furniture.

One reason that teak is equally popular for Dutch antique furniture as it was for boats is that teak has a beautiful golden brown color that makes it great for items of beauty like furniture.  But teak is also well known for tremendous ability to resist the weather.  This makes it a wood of choice for doors, boats, wood frames, siding, wood flooring or for pieces of fine furniture as the makers of Dutch antique furniture understood very well.

Dutch antique furniture made during the 1950s and 1960s reflected the Danish Modern style of furniture design that made extensive use of teak.  Some of the Dutch antique furniture that was made by great artists of that time like Finn Juhl are considered to be great works of art as well as fine furniture.  Nonetheless, Dutch antique furniture made with teak have endured extremely well over the decades.  There are natural oils in teak that can retard the deterioration of the wood so that the furniture lasts much longer than other types of antique furniture.

The outcome is that you can often find Dutch antique furniture that is in outstanding condition.  If the pieces have been in good care over the decades, these excellent examples of Dutch antique furniture could come down to us in virtually “like new” condition.  Any antique enthusiasts will affirm that finding any type of antique furniture in this good of shape is something to get excited about. 

It also means that Dutch antique furniture has preserved its value as well as its beauty.  So the prices to buy Dutch antique furniture may be higher than for other pieces.  But you can expect that value to be retained and for your Dutch antique furniture to appreciate in value during the item you own it as well.  In that way, you can view your purchase of Dutch antique furniture to be a great investment both in the beauty of your home and in the long-range value of your antique collection.  Because Dutch antique furniture has a timeless look and feel, you can be certain that once you make that investment, your décor will never go out of style or stop getting compliments and admiring looks from those who come and visit your home.

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