The Great Hunt for Antique Brass Furniture

The appeal of looking for great antiques lies in finding that rare piece that will add beauty and value to your collection.  That is one reason why so many antique collectors take great pride in their antique brass furniture finds.  If you acquire a piece that is rare, in good condition and fits into your décor, that can be a prize worth working hard to find, buy and restore for your home or antique collection.

The fun of antique brass furniture is that it enhances your life in two ways.  First, antique brass furniture pieces can become functional furniture in your home to serve the function they were designed for in your living room, kitchen or bedroom.  Many times antique brass furniture has ornate and sometimes religious imagery designed right into the fixtures of the piece. 

The atmosphere of elegance and tranquility that brass antiques can contribute to the feel of the home is significant.  But along with adding so much to your décor by becoming a functional part of your home setting, antique brass furniture retains its antique value and even appreciates in value during the years or decades that you own it.  So it serves as both functional furniture and a great investment as well.

Antique brass furniture is part of many of the classic antique classifications including Continental and English style antiques as well as Gothic, Renaissance, Medieval, Chinese, Tibetan and Japanese and other oriental antique genres.  The number of suppliers that can provide antique brass furniture items is huge and diverse.  But any good antique brass furniture vendor should have both complete pieces and brass hardware for refurbishing any antiques you buy to return them to full market value.

Antique markets and specialty shops are obvious places to start your search for antique brass furniture.  Its always smart to use these retail outlets to discover the diversity of items you have to chose from as well as to learn prices and how to evaluate antique brass furniture so you can discern genuine items from replicas, many of whom are so well made that it takes an experts eye to know the differences. 

In addition to the traditional antique markets, once you are well grounded in evaluating antique brass furniture, you can use that knowledge at estate sales, flea markets and auctions.  The exciting thing about finding an authentic piece of antique brass furniture from a non-professional source like these is that the chances are that the owner may not know the value of what he or she owns.  So you can often get a bargain on an outstanding piece.  Even if the owner knows that they are selling genuine antique brass furniture, they may not be in touch with the market pricing like you are so they may still be pricing their items low or be open to negotiation is they need to liquidate an estate quickly.

The negatives of shopping for antique brass furniture at such non-professional outlets is that the quality of the pieces may be much lower than buying from an antique retail outlet that would have restored each piece before selling it so they can get the most return on their investment.  But if you are skilled at restoring antique brass furniture and have a good source of hardware and supplies, you can return the pieces you buy to their full glory and enjoy the increased value and beautify of these delightful units yourself.

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