Swedish Antique Furniture Fits in Beautifully with a Scandinavian Decorating Scheme

When you choose to incorporate Swedish antique furniture into your home décor, you are inviting in a world of new interior design ideas.  Antique Swedish furniture design has a cosmopolitan flair so it can easily intermingle with antiques from other cultures such as Italy or France.  But the thing that jumps out quickly when you start looking at Swedish antique furniture is the emphasis on color and movement.  Antique furniture from Sweden fits in well with an overarching Scandinavian decorating scheme that puts an emphasis on colors such as light blues, lavenders, soft off-whites and light green tints.

Unlike antiques form some other parts of the world, Swedish antique furniture blends wonderfully with all kinds of different antique styles.  Probably the piece that is most well known that identifies Swedish antique furniture is a Scandinavian grandfather clock from the nineteenth century.  This kind of accessory can be striking in an entry hall with a high ceiling.  Unlike other designs of antique grandfather clocks, the Scandinavian version does not utilize a pendulum that swings back and forth in perpetual motion.

To capture the feel of a genuine Scandinavian home, shop for some darker pieces of Swedish antique furniture.  That dark color is beautiful and it is a good offset for the pastel or brighter colors that are common in a design that showcases antiques from this part of the world.  If you use a dark table and chair that showcases rich dark wood tones, that is a great offset if the room is an off-white or cream color.  Scandinavian interior design commonly uses this kind of striking color shift in the same room.

You can bring in Swedish antique bookshelves that either tie in with the darker color motif or go the other direction with white bookshelves that can provide a color backdrop for a variety of colors that you can mix on the shelves of the bookcases in the books, collectables smaller antiques to knick-knacks that you want to show off.

Scandinavia design that can be emulated with Swedish antique furniture would also call for a treasure box that is either a genuine Swedish antique or a reproduction.  These wonderful storage units often provide a nice look and feel in a bedroom setting.  Since the box itself will provide another color alternative, the Scandinavians often enhance them with floral coverings or an embroidered handkerchief to provide another splash of color.

Another unique but distinctive type of Swedish antique furniture that is common in Scandinavian homes are faux frames that blend into the wall decorations seamlessly.  The frame itself become the object of ornamentation without any additional decorations to go with it.  These types of decorating touches look especially great in a room with a fireplace.

Using Scandinavian design ideas will set your interior decorating plan apart from the ordinary and give your home a fun and international flair that you will be proud of.  By including Swedish antique furniture in that décor, you add an aura of authenticity to the work your interior decorator can do with these delightful antique pieces.

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