The Hunt For Antique Kitchen Furniture is Part of the Fun

The look and feel of a kitchen that has been redecorated with antique furniture is relaxing and charming in a way that is hard to match with other decors.  Just as is true with finding the perfect antiques for other parts of the home, the shopping process to find the perfect kitchen furniture pieces can be just as fun and challenging as the remodeling process itself.

Shopping for any kind of antique furniture can become a passion and an exciting hobby that is so addictive, you may enjoy the process even if you don’t have an active remodeling project underway.  The love of the hunt for great antiques fits hand in hand with how much you enjoy buying, restoring and using antiques in your home.  The way antiques take you and your family and guests away to another time is unique to any décor.  So if you have “the bug” to learn all you can about antiques and how to locate real “finds” in the antique marketplace, nurture and grow that “bug” because it will pay off when the time comes for you to remodel your own kitchen with antique furniture.

Unlike antique dining room furniture or bedroom pieces, sometimes kitchen antiques are not as easy to locate.  Of course, you can and should haunt the local antique markets because you may find some good things there.  One problem with using standard antique stores is that you want your antique kitchen décor to be coordinated.  So the best way to buy antique kitchen furniture and fixtures is to get everything from one source so it was already a completed installation before you bought the pieces.

Because antique kitchen pieces might include the sink and things like an antique stove, they may not be easily found in conventional antique venues.  Here is where some creative thinking in how you conduct your hunt for great kitchen antiques will pay off.  Some unconventional places to watch for potential locations of antique kitchen items would be the classified ads of your local paper.  Online auction sites are also great repositories of hidden values in antique kitchen furniture and fixtures.

Very often, a family will have an old home that has some wonderful antique kitchen items that they might part with because they do not know the value.  By watching for estate sales or other situations where antique kitchen items might be available for very little, you can snag some great deals and do the owners of that old kitchen a favor while getting some outstanding antiques for you to use to remodel your own kitchen.

Plan to attend estate sales and auctions where you know that a family may be liquidating a property and that they may be selling the property once the estate is sold or distributed to family members.  If the home is old, the antique kitchen furniture or fixtures may be available.  You don’t have to be mysterious about your intentions.  By explaining what you are trying to do, often a family will be glad to let you examine the antiques in that kitchen and even bid on them.  You may be able to get a great bargain in valuable antiques for your kitchen as long as you handle the removal and possibly the replacement of the items that were there before the family sells the home.

By keeping your awareness of potential locations of antique kitchen items always sharp, you may find some outstanding pieces in unlikely places.  Capturing wonderful antiques like this is part of the real thrill of the hunt of antique shopping that makes it such an addicting hobby for so many.  So enjoy the process because the hunt is just as exciting as the excitement of the installation of your wonderful antique kitchen furniture.  Not only will your kitchen look great, you will have a great story to tell about finding your antique kitchen items.  That story is almost worth as much as the antiques themselves.

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