Antique Victorian Furniture – What Insiders Know About Buying It

Judging from how many movies are made about the Victorian era of history, it has the reputation of being a time of great elegance and mystery.  Part of the fun of seeing a play or movie set in Victorian times is admiring the clothing, the make up and the antique Victorian furniture of that era so long ago.  Small wonder why so many people decide to decorate their own homes with antique Victorian furniture.  It is truly a beautiful and enchanting decorating style.

{loadposition content_468}It is for these reasons that genuine Victorian antique furniture is in high demand.  That drives the costs up which is something we have to expect when dealing with furniture that is of an era that is so far back in history.  There are compromises that you can make to get the look and feel of antique Victorian furniture at a lesser cost.  The most obvious compromise is to accept a replica.  While this may be an acceptable compromise for an office setting or when you are decorating a place that is not important to you.  But when it is your home that you are redecorating, sometimes nothing will do except genuine antique Victorian furniture for your decorating needs.

The first rule of thumb to know if you are getting genuine antique furniture from the Victorian era is to educate yourself.  There is only one bigger compromise than buying a replica of this wonderful furniture style and that is to buy fake antique Victorian furniture and pay the prices you would expect for buying genuine furniture from that time in history.

Antique insiders learn the trademarks of genuine antique Victorian furniture.  Along with understanding the nuances of buying the genuine article, do some research on what prices you can expect to pay.  If you come upon a dealer who advertises the he or she is selling authentic antique Victorian furniture, don’t get too excited if the prices are notably lower than market value.  That may be more of an indication that this dealer is not being honest with you than of you getting an amazing deal.

Victorian antique furniture layout

Examine the tailoring of the fabric of the antique Victorian furniture you are considering for purchase.  The Victorians were meticulous about these tiny details being perfect.  The seams should be perfectly straight and the piping lines should be up.  If the workmanship of these details is shoddy, that is a sign you may be looking at a reproduction of real antique Victorian furniture and not the real thing.

When you are going to bid on an entire room set such as a bedroom suite of antique Victorian furniture, each piece should match the others flawlessly.  This is another aspect of Victorian interior decorating that is a good signal about whether the furniture you are inspecting is genuine.  The Victorians insisted on perfection in the matching of every item in a room when they decorated. 

So every detail should match including the tops of the dressers, the wood, the stain and even the accessories.  When you find that these details are exactly right, you will be looking at furniture that did originate during Victorian times.  That is when you know you are considering genuine antique Victorian furniture for purchase.  So you can buy that furniture with confidence.  And when you have bought the genuine article and you have your home decorated with real antique Victorian furniture, you will be glad you insisted on the best for your family and guests.  The payback you will get will be the admiring looks and comments you get about your home when people admire the antiques you have chosen for your décor.

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