War of 1812 Facts

• Our first war of 1812 fact is that the HMS Leopard of the British Navy signals the US ship Chesapeake to stop for inspection if there are British deserters working in the ship.  Chesapeake refused to obey and was then fired upon by the British war ship that resulted to the death of 3 US sailors and the wounding of others.

• This incident led President Jefferson to call for an embargo against the British government.  This also led to a high degree of anti-British sentiment among many Americans.

• The war “hawks” of congress agitated for a war against Britain because of the incident.

• Tecumseh, the great Indian leader of the Shawnee Indian tribe, sided with the British to fight against the US forces.

• The Indians, led by Tecumseh‘s brother known as the prophet, battled the US army under the command of General Harrison in what is now known as the battle of Tippecanoe . The Indian forces were handily defeated by the Americans.  After the battle, the arms used by the Indians were discovered as British supplied arms.

• The war “ hawks” of the US congress again called for war against Great Britain because of this incident

• One of the more important War of 1812 facts was when the US Government declared war against Great Britain on Impression and related maritime Issues. 

• The other reasons for Americans to declaring war against the British were the funneling of arms by the British to the US war against the Indians.

• The need for Americans to drive their British cousins from the American North Peninsula was actually one of the major underlying reasons for the US to go to war against Great Britain. This actually, is another War of 1812 facts that we should take note of. •

American forces under the command of Harrison defeated Proctor and Tecumseh with their British and Indian forces in the battle of the Thames. in 1813.  Tecumseh was killed in action while the British officer Proctor, run away from the fighting. Proctor was subsequently court marshaled because of his conduct unbecoming of an officer of the British forces. 

• According to stories of the battle of the Thames, Tecumseh was standing above the wounded body of col. Richard Johnson and was raising his tomahawk to behead the wounded American when the colonel withdraw his sidearm pistol and shot Tecumseh on the chest. An interesting War of 1812 facts, if true.

• Surviving Indians took Tecumseh’s body away and secretly buried it in a secret location which up to this day, no one knows.

• In 1814, British Forces secretly and easily sailed up the Potomac River, captured the US Capital and burn it down to the ground.

• President Madison and wife Dolly barely escaped the British surprise attack of the American capital. This is a War of 1812 facts that could have changed history if they were caught before they can make good their escape.  

• The famous fire power of the British navy made it easy for them to carry a large number of British infantry up the Potomac River to affect a surprise attack on the US capital, burn it down and nearly capture the President of the United States and his wife.

• The British forces assigned to carry the attack on the American capital were all veterans from the war against the army of Napoleon Bonaparte in the Iberian Peninsula.

• The British naval commander, George Coburn, enjoyed burning everything his way.  That is why he burned down three Maryland towns that they passed going to the American capital, Washington D.C., also to burn it down.

• Even when the British attacking forces were nearing the white House, Dolly Madison refused to leave until she can take with her a portrait of George Washington and a copy of the Declaration of Independence.  And I would say that this is one War of 1812 facts that would stand out.

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  1. If the British Navy warned the Chesapeake ship to stop and the ship refused to, (just for the sake of finding British deserters), then fired and killed three Americans and wounded others, I would certainly say that the British started that war. Just like all the other wars they started. Nothing to be proud of!!

  2. I have to do research on the War of 1812 too I have to make a poster on it is a project for school. It maybe counts for two grades In my class. Some of friends in class they have to do a rap song like ”hey it is Gorge w bush. 😀

  3. Huh! Facts? Do your own research. Use your brain and reach your own conclusions.The British didn’t “start” the War by firing on the Chesapeake,Monique, and you’re right:starting wars is nothing to be proud of, America. Harrison ordered Indian villages burned, and personally did so, himself, as Pres. Jefferson ordered a campaign to make the Indians poor & indebted in order to gain land. Do your own research and don’t fall for herd-mentality patriotism where it is not warranted. there are no good guys in war.


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