War of 1812 Timeline

1803 – 1812

The War of 1812 timeline started when a total of nearly 10,000 American sailors were forcibly made by the British navy to work in their ships.  This enforcement was made under the British Impressment that was authorized   under the Orders-in-Council of the British Monarchy.

1805, July – 

British naval forces started to enforce blockade and the seizure of commercial shipments on American vessels delivering commercial cargoes to France.  This measure was enforced by the British government due to their on-going war with the forces of Bonaparte.

1806, January – 

Report delivered to the American congress relating to  British Impressment of American seamen  and interference of American merchant vessels resulted to a rise in anti-British  feelings among many Americans.

1806, August – 

Both American and British government representatives tried to settle the maritime problem between the British and American government relating to the Impressment issue and commercial shipping.  Both representatives returned to their respective government without any settlement of the problem.  

1806  – 

As we continue with the war of 1812 timeline, the British forces blockade of France resulted to the seizure of nearly 1,000 American commercial vessels doing commerce with France starting from their July 1805 decision of seizing American ships doing business with France.  

1807, March – 

Thomas Jefferson received the treaty made by representatives of both countries but proved to be grossly disadvantageous to the American people that he decided not to submit to congress for approval.  In short, he decided to cancel the treaty upon reading it.

1807, June  – 

The high handedness of the British naval forces continued when they fired on an armless American merchant ship named “Chesapeake” when the vessel refused to be boarded.  This angered the American public even more.

1807, December – 

The war of 1812 timeline will now see the American President attempting to coerce the British government by declaring a reciprocal embargo.  This embargo, however, resulted to economic disaster for many American farmers because of rotting stocks they could not market.   

1812, June – 

America declared war against Great Britain on the Impressment and related maritime issue.  War “hawks” of the American congress boasted that the Americans will win over the British forces.

1812, August –

The Americans lost Ft. Mckinac as well equipped British forces complete with artilleries started their invasion of the United states of America

1813, January –

The British, together with their Indian allies, defeated again the US Forces composed mainly of Kentucky soldiers. They fought to gain control of Frenchtown.

1813, April –

The US forces this time assaulted York in Toronto and emerged victorious against the British forces. This War of 1812 timeline was known as the battle of York.

1813, September –

This was known as the battle of Lake Erie, where the attacks undertaken by the British naval forces were repulsed by the Americans and where most of their naval personnel surrendered to the American forces.

1813, October –

Battle of Thames in Ontario Canada resulted in the killing of the great Indian warrior and leader, Tecumseh. This battle severely handicapped the British forces when a lot of their soldiers together with their Indian supporter warriors were handily defeated by the American forces.  

1814 –

A plan for a 3- pronged   invasion by the British forces to be made on Chesapeake Bay, Lake Champlain and the opening of the Mississippi River were hatched by the commanding generals of the British forces only to be repelled and correspondingly defeated by the US forces.

1814, August –

The well equipped British forces defeated the US army in Washington D.C. and to show how they detest Americans, they burned the capital to the ground.  President Madison and his wife, Dolly, were able to flee the white House before the British forces reached the capital.

1814, September –

The battle of Plattsburgh made the British wary of winning the war. They lost a lot of men from this battle.  This battle proved to be a major victory for the US forces and was a major blow to the British.

1814, December –

And as the last War of 1812 timeline, we are now witness to a Peace treaty between the British and the American government that both parties signed in Europe.   This treaty was known as the Treaty of Ghent which would end our war of 1812 timeline.

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