The Gulf War

The Gulf War (Desert Storm) refers to the First Gulf War and its operational name of Operation Desert Storm. This conflict started in August 1990 and finished in February 1991, but the Operation Desert Storm continued until it was officially ended on the 30th November 1995. Today you are going to find out about the … Read more

The Lebanese Civil War

The Lebanese civil war is a civil war that lastest for 15 years, a war that occurred in more recent times yet many have not understood or paid attention to the consequences of this internal conflict. This civil war was of epic proportions and actually had outside influences that impacted the conflict starting. The outcome … Read more

The Iranian Revolution of 1979

The Iranian Revolution occurred between January 1978 and February 1979, the outcome of this revolution changed the shape of Iran as a nation forever. This revolution also ended Britain and the Soviet Union’s strong interests in the country as Iran tried to gain its own independence away from foreign powers. The Iranian Revolution is a … Read more

The Yom Kippur War

The Yom Kippur War was a war that occurred between Israel and a coalition of Arab nations, the war is sometimes known as the Ramadan War or October War. The Yom Kippur War lasted for 19 days, starting on the 6th October 1973 and finishing on October 25th of the same year. The war was … Read more

The War of Attrition

Many think of War of Attrition as more of a war policy, like that of the French in the World Wars were they simply wished to kill more Germans than losses incurred themselves to thus win the war. This is not actually the case as it was a war between Israel and Egypt in the … Read more

Arab Israeli War – Year 1948

The 1948 Arab–Israeli War, acknowledged  by Israelis as the War of Liberation was the first in succession of wars fought between the State of Israel and its Arab counterparts in the long standing Arab-Israeli rivalry. The war started upon the termination of the British Mandate of Palestine and the Israeli declaration of independence on 15 May 1948, what continued was a period of civil war in 1947–1948.

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The Assyrian Genocide

The Assyrian Genocide is remembered as the mass killings of the Assyrian/Chaldean/Syriac people of the Ottoman Empire during the First World War. The Assyrian population of northern Mesopotamia was forced to relocate and killed by Ottoman and troops between 1914 and 1920. Reports have placed the figure at 270,000. With more recent estimates that figure … Read more

Armenian Genocide Facts

The Armenian Genocide also known and remembered as the Armenian Holocaust, refers to the cautious and systematic devastation of the Armenian population of the Ottoman Empire during and after World War I. It was put into action through massacres and expulsions, with the expulsions consisting of enforced marches under conditions arranged to lead to the … Read more

The Arab Revolt

The Arab Revolt occurred between 1916–1918 and was started by the Sherif Hussein bin Ali with the main aim of obtaining independence from the command of Ottoman Turks and creating a single united Arab state ranging from Aleppo in Syria to Aden in Yemen. On 3 July 1908 the Young Turk Revolution began and spread … Read more